The Secret Siu Nim Tao

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I don't know about you, but when I first saw someone standing in IRAS practising Siu Nim Tao, it made a rather strange and awkward impression on me. It was exactly this weirdness which attracted me to wing chun in the first place. Everything about this stance seems at first sight a bit unnatural - when have you ever seen someone standing like that outside your wing chung bubble?

It did not take me long to find out that this stance is not really suitable in a real fight. Although you can find lots of theory about the advantages of IRAS as a pre-fight stance it - in sum - is all complete rubbish.

This is because the IRAS in Siu Nim Tao has never been intended to be a pre-stance or to be applied in a fight. Its purpose and function is a totally different one.

In fact, IRAS alone shows that the founders of wing chung had profound knowledge of human anatomy and function. Whenever I practice Siu Nim Tao, I am awed by those clever chaps who founded this presumably 300+ years ago. And they codified it in the form of the IRAS.

They developed Siu Nim Tao as a means of keeping the body healthy and in decent structure. They knew that a well-structured body has some clear advantages in a fight. Not only that, but they developed Siu Nim Tao to help you free and keep free your connective tissue.

You cannot see this unless you are a wing chung practitioner and a body therapist with some knowledge about human anatomy.

I am sorry to say that even your master - whoever this might be - is very likely to know nothing about what Siu Nim Tao is really for and how to practice it properly to reap all the benefits which the founders of Siu Nim Tao intended (this even includes Yip Man). Lots of information has been lost during the centuries for various reasons - although everything is clearly codified in this basic form.

Even an intensive search on YouTube for "Siu Nim Tao" (and it's various spellings like "Siu Nim Tau", "Siu Lim Tao", "Siu Lim Tau" and what not) shows that there is not a single one who has even the remotest idea of what Siu Nim Tao is for or is about.

What Siu Nim Tao is clearly not about is that you are practising "techniques". In this respect, there cannot be any applications of Siu Nim Tao in any way. Siu Nim Tao has an entirely different purpose. To be more exact, it has 3 (well, let's say 3 1/2 - the last one is optional and more or less automatic).

If you've come to this site, then I suppose that you are an ever-searching person. Maybe you are constantly trying to improve your wing chung, and perhaps you somehow feel that there is something your teacher has not or could not tell you.

This online-course teaches some basic understanding of the human body and is a step-by-step hands-on introduction into the real and secret Siu Nim Tao.

I am 100% convinced that what I teach in this course is precisely what the founders of Siu Nim Tao and wing chun intended.

It has taken me a long time and years and the help of fellow-bodytherapists to get behind the secret.

Years of practising Siu Nim Tao got me slowly to the very core of it.

But with this course, YOU can learn it in a few weeks or even days. The method has been tried and tested with numerous students and been proven to work.

I even teach this to my bodytherapy clients, as this is something you can make use of even if you have nothing to do with martial arts.

Why would you take this course?

This course will teach you something you will not learn anywhere else in the world - I am not being bold here (well, ok I am - but for a reason).

If you practice Siu Nim Tao as taught in this course, you will:

  • learn a method to reduce stress and tension that you can practice for the rest of your life
  • improve your body structure and thus prevent pain and improve flexibility and strength
  • this will set you far apart and give you big advantages over your co-students (and even your master)

But be warned: You may never look at wing chung and your body the same!

In this course, you will learn:

  • Basic human anatomy relevant for Siu Nim Tao and how it is codified in this form - The 3 main purposes and goals of Siu Nim Tao
  • Step-by-step and hands-on introduction to the real Siu Nim Tao as intended by its founders, with videos

This course includes videos of Siu Nim Tao and some pre-exercises so that you know exactly what to do and what your goal is.

Praise for "The Secret Siu Nim Tao":

"Highly recommended and should be added to the library of all Wing Chun practitioners." (Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine).


As a bonus, this course also contains a crash-course in forefoot walking. I will explain how forefoot walking gives you a big advantage in everyday life AND a fight.

Come with me on a journey to the very core of Siu Nim Tao and your own body!

I want this!

The Secret Siu Nim Tao

0 ratings
I want this!